Boulder SeekingSitters for Sale

Below are just a few of the incredible reasons to own a SeekingSitters Franchise:

  • Work from home...realistically, you can run your business from anywhere using your cell phone, computer or tablet.
  • Be your own boss - set your own schedule and escape the 9-5.
  • Take extra time for you, playing with your kids, helping family or anything else your heart desires.
  • Create a life you love! The possibilities are endless when you are the owner of you own business.
  • The sky is the limit - grow the business as big as you want.
  • Networking opportunities are plentiful - learn from other franchise owners, the corporate office and build relationships with members in your community.
  • Expand into pet sitting, home sitting and study support services - an untapped revenue stream.
  • Partner with people of our community such as SeekingSitters members, possible partnerships with churches, wedding venues, corporations, hotels and more.
  • Get tax benefits for business ownership.
  • Mentor your sitter team to be great babysitters.
  • Add employees to help with the day-to-day activities.
  • It's much easier to secure financing when you have positive historical data.
  • You have income starting from day one.
  • The brand is already established and in this instance nation wide.
  • You have a solid customer database to work from.
  • You can focus on growing the business instead of starting it.
  • Trained employees in place to keep you in the creative and growth aspects of the company.
  • Less risk because you know it works.

Why am I selling?
We have grown the business to be a great asset and because we also have a location in Fort Collins (and live there too) we are looking to find another owner in Boulder who can really grow the business and be a bigger part of the community. But - if you are interested in owning both Boulder and Fort Collins we would be happy to discuss the opportunity.
What are the qualifications for owning a SeekingSitters Franchise Location?
  • A College degree is not required but is preferred.
  • A desire to own a business
  • You live within 50 miles of Boulder County
  • You have the ability to obtain funding for the purchase
  • Successful completion of the background screening process
How much time is required to run a SeekingSitters Franchise Location?
It all depends on how much you want to grow the business. The more effort you put into it, the more you will grow the business. To start I would suggest that you allocate 10-20 hours per week at a minimum based on the amount of revenue it is generating now.

What do I get when buying a SeekingSitters Franchise location?
  • Rights to do business as SeekingSitters in Boulder County (and some areas that are outside and not claimed by another location).
  • Use of the SeekingSitters name, image and branding of SeekingSitters.
  • Access to the SeekingSitters operating systems (software, website, forms, etc.)
  • A library of marketing tools available to you when you start so you don't have to recreate the wheel.
What other costs are required besides the Boulder County franchise location?
Please fill out the confidentiality agreement below and return to Ashley Haas via email:

Why is an existing franchise location more valuable than a new location?
  • We have 350+ customers contacts.
  • We have an existing pool of qualified sitters.
  • We have an established revenue stream.
  • We have been in business in Boulder County since 2004.
How have you positioned the business for flexibility and automation?
We have put a lot of work into the business this year, getting it ready for growth. You will receive the following to help ensure your success:
  • Detailed processes and procedures for major tasks.
  • A Sitter Recruitment Specialist (if desired).
  • Email templates for continued customer engagement, monthly newsletters, blasts, promos, event autoresponders and more.
  • Content calendar template for marketing initiatives including social media, event strategies, emails, direct mail and other recommendations.
  • Training on all automated systems.
What support will I have from the existing owner after the purchase?
It all depends on how much support you need but I (Ashley Haas) am committed to supporting you during the transition.

Please fill out and return the confidentiality agreement and return to Ashley Haas via email: Please do not email or fax to the corporate office as outlined in the attachment. Thank you!